The Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI) is a unique initiative that supports strategic, holistic and country-level REDD+ and Low Emission Development investments while focusing on Central African high-forest cover countries. Its objective is to recognize and preserve the value of the forests in the region to mitigate climate change, reduce poverty and contribute to sustainable development. This objective is attained through scaled-up international support from a coalition of donors to 6 Central African (“partner”) countries that develop country-driven, cross-sectoral and holistic national investment frameworks that cover all drivers of forest cover loss and highlight transformational reforms. 
In CAFI, UNDP serves in a number of capacities:
1. UNDP is a member of the CAFI Executive Board (EB) – with the 7 donors, and the Multi Partner Trust Fund. The EB decides on CAFI’s strategic directions and funding allocation to support the development and implementation of National Investment Frameworks. 
2. UNDP’s Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office administers the CAFI Trust Fund.
3. UNDP hosts the CAFI Secretariat in Geneva. 
4. UNDP is also one implementing organization that accesses funding from the CAFI Trust Fund to assist partner Countries - alongside other UN agencies (FAO and UN-Habitat), the World Bank and bilateral cooperation agencies (such as the French Development Agency). In DRC, UNDP is implementing several programmes, funded by the National REDD+ Fund (administered by UNDP’s MPTF-O) with CAFI funding. 
Cumulative Delivery for CAFI (across agencies, programmes and countries)
0 million USD committed
Contributions (Norway and France)
0 million USD
Transferred to DRC
0 million USD
Transferred to other countries
Cumulative Delivery for UNDP
0 million USD
CAFI Secretariat
0 million USD
UNDP CAFI-funded programmes in DRC