Signature Programme #3

Ecosystem-Based Adaptation

UNDP supports countries to preserve and restore natural ecosystems that can provide cost-effective protection against climate change threats. Ecosystem-based approaches to climate change support resilient livelihoods, protect food and water, and ensure healthier environments.

Supported Programmes

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management Mainstreaming

Under the biodiversity and ecosystem management mainstreaming, efforts are being made to integrate biodiversity and ecosystem management into development planning and production sector activities to safeguard biodiversity and maintain ecosystem services that sustain human wellbeing.

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Protected Areas

Efforts on Protected Areas are serving to unlock the potential of protected areas, including indigenous and community conserved areas, to conserve biodiversity while contributing towards sustainable development.

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Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Mitigation

Ecosystem-based Adaptation and Mitigation is managing and rehabilitating ecosystems for adaptation to and mitigation of climate change.

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