Ecuador will restore deforested and degraded areas and promote sustainable production

Ecuador will restore deforested and degraded areas and promote sustainable production

Quito, Ecuador, 17 September 2020 - For its achievements in forest conservation, Ecuador received 18.5 million dollars from international cooperation to continue advancing in these objectives.

Today, the Ministry of Environment and Water (MAAE) launched the REDD+ Results Based Payments Project (PPR) that commits the country to promoting sustainable production systems and encouraging the restoration of deforested and degraded areas in order to conserve forests, with the participation of various stakeholders from civil society, academia, the private sector, Indigenous Peoples and nationalities, Montubio people, Afro-Ecuadorians and NGOs.

The country is receiving 18.5 million dollars from the Results Based Payments Pilot Program of the Green Climate Fund, the operating entity of the financial mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

This is an international milestone, as Brazil and Ecuador are the first countries to receive this financing, which was achieved thanks to the government's commitment to implement environmental actions and policies to conserve forests and promote the sustainable use of biodiversity. In total, it is equal to 3.6 million tons of carbon not emitted into the atmosphere.

During the project launch event, Paulo Proaño, Minister of MAAE; Matilde Mordt, Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Patricia Serrano, Manager of the Amazon Integral Program for Forest Conservation and Sustainable Production (PROAmazonía), and Verónica Gálmez, GCF Forest and Land use specialist, reported on the start of the project, its objectives, scope and coverage.

It was highlighted that this initiative will have national scope and thanks to these resources, the implementation of the REDD+ (Reduction of Emissions derived from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) Action Plan, will continue as well as Forests for Good Living, a public policy oriented towards reducing deforestation and forest degradation.

The funds will be channeled through UNDP as the GCF accredited agency, and will be implemented through PROAmazonía, a government initiative of the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Ecuador, with the support of UNDP, that works towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the conservation of forests and the transition to sustainable production.

Tomorrow, September 18, the Board of Directors of the project, which comprises the highest authorities of the participating entities, will meet for the first time to analyze the planning and budget of the REDD+ Payment for Results Project for approval and implementation.

Encouraging countries to promote forest conservation

Results-Based Payments are part of the final stage of REDD+, a climate change mitigation mechanism whose policy framework is designed to provide economic incentives to developing countries that have implemented actions to conserve their forests, rather than changing the land use for other purposes, such as extensive cattle and agriculture.


The goal of the Results Based Payments Project is to implement the following actions that are part of the REDD+ Action Plan:

  • Contribute to forest restoration efforts within the framework of the 2019-2030 National Restoration Plan.
  • Implement climate change mitigation measures in Decentralized Autonomous Governments.
  • Regularize lands within protected areas and protective forests in prioritized areas.
  • Strengthen the capacities of the Ministry of Environment and Water for managing the REDD+ Action Plan. This will include periodic training for the technical team and the acquisition of specialized technical equipment.
Ecuador will restore deforested and degraded areas and promote sustainable production

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This press release was originally published in Spanish by UNDP Ecuador, here.