Tuvalu P-CBA Country Page


P-CBA Country Workplan Summary


1. Purpose Statement
“The P-CBA will ensure that key government officials are equipped with the skills and knowledge to apply CBA practices into the project appraisal and planning phase. CBA will also assist in the decision making process which will result in better project management and better utilization of  public money within government and donor funded projects.”

2.  P-CBA Focal Points:
Ms. Simalua Enele - Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Public Utilities;
Ms. Lita Molu – Aid Adviser, Department of Planning and Budget;
Ms. Petesa Finikaso – Finance Officer, Department of Environment.

3. Ministries and institutions involved:

Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Ministry of Public Utilities
Ministry of Home Affairs
Office of the Prime Minister
Ministry of Natural Resources and Lands Survey
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, Tourism and Labour
Ministry of Health

4. CBA Case Studies and Timeline:                                                                                                            

  • NAPA Project / potential Co-financing (Cash or in-kind)
  • Construction of the PUI building (Donor funding is being sought (tbc)
  • Timeline: September 2014 – May 2015

5. In-Country Training and Mentoring:

  • The in-Country trainings should focus on all the modules: Module 1 “Overview of a CBA” for senior officials, Module 2 “the ABC of CBA”, Module 3 “The CBA Workplan”, Module 4 “Communicate CBA”, Module 5”Environmental Valuation” and Module 6 “Train the trainers”.
  • Timeline: July-August 2014 or January-February 2015
  • Mentoring: Ongoing in-country refreshment trainings (SPC, SPREP, USP); Tele-conferencing, follow-up emails; video conference (at USP); Quarterlty National Working Group on CBA.

6. Sustainability Measures Proposed:

  • Internal: Establish a National CBA working group formed by line ministries for submission to the DCC. Submission of CBA briefing notes to the Cabinet.
  • External: Short courses at USP for Civil Servants/ NGO’s; Integrate CBA into Government Roadmap activity (EIA) and Developing a CBA manual.

7. Proposed Sources of funding:                                   
The PPCR Regional Track will fund the in-country trainings and the mentoring support for the development of the case study. Additional resources could come from UNDP-GEF NAPA II project. 

8. Additional Resources: