Peru's Second National Communication - Official Document (Spanish) - Part II - September 2010

The creation of a National Communication offers countries the opportunity to contribute with technically sound studies and information that can be used for designing mitigation and adaptation measures, and project proposals that can and will help increase their resilience to the impacts of climate change. Activities generally include: V&A assessments, Greenhouse Gas Inventory preparation, Mitigation Analysis or Education, and awareness raising activities.The ultimate goal is the integration of climate change considerations into relevant social, economic and environmental policies and actions.

The annual loss of nearly 261,000 hectares of forests, fueled by ever increasing migrant agriculture activities, is the major emission source for LULUCF activities totaling 55% of the Net CO2 emissions and 73% of the total CO2 national GHG emissions. Furthermore, the Andean glaciers melting pose significant risks to food, energy, water security and sustainability of the Pacific basin cities. Basic studies demonstrate that in the last 30 years, Peru has lost 22% of its glaciers’ surface, representing the loss of at least 7,000 million cubic meters of water.

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