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NAP-GSP e-news November 2013

NAP-GSP e-news for November 2013 - sent to over 700 recipients, stakeholders, partners, organisations and colleagues.

NAP-GSP e-news October 2013

NAP-GSP e-news -  October 2013 (first edition)


  • Welcome message
  • About NAP-GSP
  • Interactive Timeline on NAP-GSP
  • Progress on Bangladesh NAPs process
  • Adaptation costs and benefits
  • NAP-GSP Board Meeting Minutes

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Bangladesh leads the way in the NAP process

With the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process driving the climate change adaptation agenda, Bangladesh is forging ahead – setting a precedent for other least developed countries (LDCs) and to other countries developing NAPs. In Bangladesh, the process of planning for a climate resilient future is already well underway, generating vital impetus for increasing action on NAPs.