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In Tokelau the PACC+ Project is "a dream come true"

If you can imagine a festive season in the Pacific islands without water, then you can definitely understand the relief of a happy family who visited Tokelau over the 2012 festive season, grateful they had running water during their family holiday.

VANUMA project constructs community nurseries to promote climate-resilient agroforestry techniques

Climate change poses a set of climate induced risks to forests in Samoa.  These Climate induced risks exacerbate current pressure due to the unsustainable forestry and land use practices.  The combined effects of these reduce the resilience of forest ecosystems, which in turn affect the resilience of the livelihood of communities dependent on forestry goods and services.  The adaptation option is to introduce a set of alternative agro-forestry and forestry practices adjusted to changing climate regimes supported by an enabling environment through policy changes, institutional strengthening,

IRAS Brochure (October 2012)

Read the attached brochure for an introdoction to the IRAS project: Climate Change in Lao PDR, Project Strategy, Actions, Expected Outcomes, Partners, and IRAS Structure.

UNDP-GEF SPA CBA Final Workshop

The Community-Based Adaptation Programme (CBA), a five-year UNDP global initiative, largely funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) along with other donors, held its Final Workshop in Rabat, Morocco on 26-28 November 2012.  The workshop brought together partners from the global, national and local levels to present the lessons learned (both successful results as well as challenges faced) in the implementation of the projects in 10 countries.  Recommendations from all three levels were presented and discussed and will be captured in future CBA initiatives.



In Bangladesh, many communities are situated close to the shoreline and reliant on agriculture and fishing for their livelihoods. Rising sea levels and changes in the frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones are raising the incidences and severity of flooding, salt water intrusion and erosion, not to mention loss of livelihoods, shelter and life.


CBA Samoa - Photo Story

Photo Story of CBA Samoa Project. Facilitated by InsightShare.