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UNDP in Niger: RANET


Mozambique Coping with Drought and Climate Change Story - "Resisting Drought with New Crops and Water Harvesting", August 2010

The aim of the project is to reduce drought vulnerability in farming and pastoral communities by guaranteeing water supply and by training the communities to grow drought-resistant crops, like sweet potato, cassava or sorghum. Women will be trained to preserve natural fruits such as marula, massala,tinhiri ( Sophora inhambansis ) and Tinwambo (Sponea aquatica )  for sale in markets.  The project will also help improve the communication lines to make weather forecast and climate information available to communities.

Ethiopia CwDCC Success Stories, February 2012

This booklet speaks about the success of the Coping with Drought and Climate Change project in Kalu woreda of south wollo zone, Ethiopia. The main objectives of the booklet are to air the voices of project beneficiaries about the success of the project implementation and brief the best and successful activities of the project.