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A debut cookbook of climate-resilient recipes

UNDP’s cookbook highlights efforts to strengthen climate resilience and enhance food security across six countries

UNDP launched a new cookbook looking at how climate change is affecting food security in developing countries and how communities are adapting their traditional recipes to survive.

The new cookbook, ‘Adaptive Farms, Resilient Tables’, was launched on Monday night in Brooklyn.

Scaling Up Climate Action to achieve the SDGs

In 2015, UNDP released its first infographic report that presented the breadth and depth of our support on climate change over the past two decades. That report emphasized successes and noted the opportunities that climate action presents for countries as they transition their economies towards zero-carbon and climate-resilient sustainable development.

Adaptive Farms, Resilient Tables: Building secure food systems and celebrating distinct culinary traditions in a world of climate uncertainty

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As the world gets hotter and rainfall more erratic, the type and availability of ingredients for daily meals are changing. With support from the Government of Canada and the Global Environment Facility’s Least Developed Countries Fund, the Canada-UNDP Climate Change Adaptation Facility (CCAF) has been supporting six least developed countries and small island developing states (Cabo Verde, Cambodia, Haiti, Mali, Niger and Sudan) to strengthen climate resilience and enhance food security.

A New Vision for Weather and Climate Services in Africa

The report calls for enabling actions by African leaders to support the sustainability of investments in weather and climate services, looking toward public-private partnerships, next generation weather and water monitoring technologies, regional cooperation and capacity building as key drivers to resolve sub-Saharan Africa’s persistent challenges in maintaining sustainable climate information and early warning systems.



ICCAS Billboard

Six ICCAS climate change billboard with the “Grenada Adapts to Climate Change Now!“ branded artwork erected throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.