SWoCK Project: Women and Climate Change Adaptation

In rural communities of Solomon Islands, it traditionally women’s role to do most of the gardening activities and  household chores, including the preparation of food for the family's consumption.
With the increasing threats of climate change on women's  livelihoods, this population carry a heavy load in attempting to  confront the negative impacts of change.  While performing their traditional roles, women are now faced with new challenges. Some of these challenges include constrained time availability, low crop yield in the gardens due to increase pest & diseases and soil degradation, extreme weather causing crops to fail, and limited access to land.
This video shows how the UNDP-SWoCK project helped the women adapt to climate change through support with farming tools, sustainable farming practices and savings towards disaster times.
About SWoCK 
The SWoCK project is implemented by the Solomon Islands' Ministry of Environment Climate Change Disaster Management and Meteorology and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. The project is assisted by funding support from Adaptation Fund through UNDP. For more information please visit www.swock.com.sb