Cambodia: Building a Nested System to Protect Remaining Forests

Quentin Renard, Sovanna Nhem, Chivin Leng, Jeff Silverman, and Donna Lee
While many in the REDD+ community argue over whether project or national scale crediting is better, Cambodia is creating a system to enable both—...

Restoration and Payment for Environmental Services in Ethnic Group Territories: a Priority for Complying with National Deforestation Objectives in Colombia

Paola García and Clea Paz-Rivera
During the development of Colombia’s Strategy for the Integral Control of Deforestation and Forest Management in 2018, indigenous organizations...

Indigenous Voices , a Policy Spark to Protect the World's Forests

Josep Gari
Forests are a defining ecosystem to test and demonstrate the pact between people and the planet that is so urgently required in this century....

Championing Women’s Inclusion in Forests for Climate Change Action in Asia Pacific

Elizabeth Eggerts, UNDP Gender & REDD+ Specialist
Over the years, UNDP has supported countries through the UN-REDD Programme in integrating gender equality and women’s empowerment into the design and...

Kenya's National REDD+ Process: Towards addressing the negative impact of climate change

Christabel Chanda Ginsberg
UNDP is implementing the REDD+ readiness process in Kenya with the aim of reducing greenhouse emissions caused by deforestation and forest...

Honduras Endorses a Cultural Safeguard for REDD+

Noelia Jover, Technical Specialist for Latin American & the Caribbean

UNDP Climate & Forests’ Five Key Takeaways from the UN Climate Action Summit

Tim Clairs and Elspeth Halverson
Nature-Based Solutions are recognized and legitimate mitigation measures, necessary to keeping global temperature rise below the Paris Agreement...

From Coast to Coast; Costa Rica and Cote D'Ivoire work together on reforestation

Ela Ionescu, Luc Gnonlonfoun, Joseph Ezoua and Kifah Sasa
South-South cooperation promotes solidarity among developing countries pursuing similar development paths by allowing them to address common...

The participation of indigenous peoples, Afro-Colombians and local communities in REDD+ in Colombia: Milestones, Challenges and Opportunities

Paola Garcia, Clea Paz-Rivera and Andrea Camacho
Among the main results of this process was the consolidation and coordination of participatory mechanisms