Indigenous Peoples’ rights in NDCs: Initial observations from Asia

Lakpa Nuri Sherpa, Environment Programme Coordinator, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact - Celina Yong, Regional Technical Advisor, Climate & Forests Programme, UNDP - Oda Almas Smith, Policy Advisor, Responsible Finance Programme

Thinking about the future – gender and women’s empowerment in climate and forest...

Alexis Arthur, Roxana Auhagen, Elizabeth Eggerts, Climate and Forests, UNDP

Nationally Determined Contributions and REDD+: Demonstrating the potential of...

Kimberly Todd, Global Technical Advisor, Climate & Forests, UNDP

National REDD+ funding mechanisms: Lessons learned and success factors

Bruno Guay, Global Technical Advisor, REDD+ Finance, Climate & Forests, UNDP

Recognizing and empowering indigenous people and local communities as critical...

Josep Gari - Senior Policy Advisor, Climate & Forests, UNDP, and Elspeth Halverson - Programme and Partnership Management Advisor, Climate & Forests, UNDP

Article 6: What Does it Mean for REDD+?

Kimberly Todd - Global Technical Advisor, Climate & Forests, UNDP, and Leticia Guimaraes, Senior Global Technical Advisor, Climate & Forests, UNDP

Costa Rica puts gender first for inclusive climate action

Stephanie Madrigal Ramírez - Knowledge Management Focal Point, REDD + Project Payment Based on Results (PBR), UNDP Costa Rica
In order to identify the needs of indigenous and rural women and producers with regard to accessing forest resources, Costa Rica’s National REDD+...

A community approach to combat climate change in Kenya

Christabel Chanda Ginsberg - Communications & Knowledge Management Officer, FCPF REDD+, UNDP Kenya
In Kenya, community engagement is the bulwark of the government’s strategy to achieve 10 percent tree cover by 2022. 

Indonesia's social forestry programme supports livelihoods and climate action

Celina Yong Senior Regional Technical Advisor, Climate and Forests, UNDP and Elspeth Halverson Programme & Partnership Management Advisor, Climate and Forests, UNDP
GCF will support Indonesia to realize the full potential of its Social Forestry Programme.