Piloting Cambodia’s Nested System

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Cambodia is at the forefront of environmental protection efforts with its innovative work on Nested System for REDD+ The Government has made significant strides, establishing a Regulatory Framework that set the procedures to aligns stand-alone projects with the country's REDD+ national framework. While the early results are encouraging, sustained effort is crucial to further this environmental initiative. Cambodia, through its REDD+ Secretariat, has demonstrated a proactive commitment to forest conservation by wholeheartedly embracing the National REDD+ Strategy (NRS) as a strategic blueprint to combat deforestation and empower forest-dependent communities. 


These objectives have been seamlessly integrated as a foundational pillar in both the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and Long-Term Strategy (LTS) to effectively curb national emissions. This favourable landscape has, in turn, opened up new avenues for financing the REDD+ Program and fostering collaboration with various stakeholders in the realm of carbon market initiatives. 


Despite impressive strides, Cambodia's journey is still fraught with challenges. The country is managing multiple REDD+ projects, each using its own set of data and methods, which adds a layer of complexity to the nation's REDD+ framework.  While this diversity is a testament to the unique nature of each project, it presents challenges in achieving consistency and fairness in the measurement of emissions and mitigation efforts. 


This is why, the meticulously crafted Nested System functions as an incredibly important tool to harmonise methodologies, promote the equitable distribution of benefits, and align all projects with Cambodia's climate objectives. By ensuring transparency and integrity, tapping into a range of financial sources, and enhancing the government's capacity to steer projects in areas of higher deforestation risk, this framework aims to secure equity, strike a balance in development and achieve high integrity in carbon accounting. 


Amid the race to harmonize Cambodia's climate change efforts, the real test lies in the intricate task of integrating various environmental projects under one umbrella. The goal is to refine the procedures and the Regulatory Framework that empowers the country to manage its natural resources effectively and align these efforts with the government's strategic priorities. To turn this ambition into reality, the REDD+ Secretariat, with backing from the UNDP through the UN-REDD Programme and technical guidance from the Climate Promise initiative, is set to launch a comprehensive pilot of the Nested System in 2023. This pilot will not only put the system through its paces but also shed light on the operational and institutional hurdles that need to be navigated. The endeavor is a crucial step towards a cohesive strategy for Cambodia's REDD+ projects, aiming to ensure that every effort made contributes to a single, integrated vision for the country's environmental and developmental future. As Cambodia steers its environmental initiatives toward a more unified approach, an upcoming pilot stands at the forefront of this transformative journey. This crucial trial will put the country's Nested System for REDD+ to the test, scrutinizing every operational component — from aligning various environmental project benchmarks to establishing integration protocols for project proponents. It will also refine governance practices within the framework and clarify the roles of government bodies in this intricate environmental tapestry. 


The pilot is poised to tackle any unforeseen operational demands that may arise during vital consultations with governmental entities and key stakeholders. The significance of this venture extends far beyond Cambodia's borders; the insights gleaned here promise to inform global efforts in environmental conservation and climate action. As partners, our role is to support Cambodia's ambitious endeavor, ensuring the successful launch and execution of its pioneering Nested System for REDD+. The work promises not just immediate impact but also valuable lessons for the global community dedicated to  ensure the environmental integrity of the REDD+. 

Find out more here: https://stories.climateandforests-undp.org/nestedsystemcambodia/