Forests for Life

The Forests for Life Partnership

The Forests for Life Partnership launched in 2019, aims to secure more than a billion hectares of the world’s high integrity, intact forests, and to place ecological integrity at the heart of strategies for managing and conserving all the world’s forests. The founding members include Rainforest Foundation Norway, Re:wild, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), World Resources Institute, and United Nations Development Programme. 


The initiative focuses on on-the-ground efforts with a network of local partners in up to 30 countries and the iconic regions of the Amazon, Congo Basin, New Guinea, the northern Boreal zone, as well as smaller but still critical intact forests across Mesoamerica, Madagascar, South and Southeast Asia and elsewhere. Protecting and restoring the great forests can help many countries meet the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals. 


The Partnership works with governments, Indigenous Peoples, civil society and the private sector. To enable large-scale change on the ground we work directly with local partners to catalyze action in key landscapes and also advocate at national and international level for innovative policy and financing frameworks that target high integrity forests. We invest in the science and communications needed to achieve this. 


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