Tim Clairs

Principal Policy and Technical Advisor

Tim has led the UNDP Climate & Forests team since its beginning in 2008, when he helped established the UN-REDD Programme. He has an additional 12 years of UN experience working on GEF biodiversity and land management projects in Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Arab States. Often found riding his bike in the Jura mountains and Alps around Geneva.

Josep Gari

Senior Policy Advisor, UN-REDD & GIORNI Focal Point

Josep is a political ecologist. He works in international cooperation and diplomacy since two decades ago, with a focus on sustainable rural & territorial development. He serves on the UN-REDD management, and supports the UNDP Climate & Forests team with strategic planning, resource mobilisation and partnerships.

Leticia Guimaraes

Senior Global Technical Advisor, Climate & Forests

Leticia is a senior global technical advisor supporting countries from Latin America, Africa, and Asia Pacific on the implementation of the Paris Agreement, with a focus on promoting the transparency of their climate targets and enabling their access to performance-based finance for the forest sector. She leads UNDP Climate and Forests work on carbon markets. She has more than 15 years of experience structuring policies and mechanisms to incentivize tropical forest conservation and climate change mitigation.

Clea Paz Rivera

Senior Programme Manager, NYDF Global Platform

Clea leads the New York Declaration on Forests and the country engagement in Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative. She is an interdisciplinary ecologist with more than 20 years of experience working with developing countries and multilateral programs on forest, climate, and conservation policies from national to global levels, with emphasis in Latin America.

Nina Kantcheva

Senior Policy Advisor- Indigenous Peoples and Local Community Engagement

Nina is a Senior Policy Adviser on Indigenous Peoples and Local Community Engagement with close to 20 years of experience in bringing the voices of IPLCs to various policy for a and working with the UN and NGOs on rights protection, capacity building, and community development. Nina brings a deep understanding of Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ needs and concerns, as well as of ways of partnering effectively to achieve climate and biodiversity goals.

Kimberly Todd

Global Technical Advisor, MRV & UNFCCC

Kim is a global technical specialist supporting countries on carbon accounting and greenhouse gas measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) in the context of UNFCCC reporting, REDD+ results-based finance and carbon markets. She has more than 15 years of experience in climate change policy and technical analysis, with a focus on forests.

Jennifer Laughlin

Global Technical Advisor, Safeguards & Grievance Mechanisms

Jen’s areas of expertise include social and environmental standards, assessment and management, governance, stakeholder engagement, indigenous peoples and local communities, and grievance mechanisms. Jen also co-led in the design and implementation of UNDP’s Social and Environmental Standards (SES), Stakeholder Response Mechanism (SRM) and Social and Environmental Compliance Unit (SECU), established in 2015.

Wahida Patwa Shah

Senior Regional Technical Advisor, Africa & FCPF Focal Point

Wahida, a Kenyan national, brings 25 years of experience in nature management policy, practice and project management, and has worked in the climate and forests space since 2009. She leads the team in Africa working with countries to define and implement innovative policies and programmes with non-state actors and the private sector and is the team’s focal point for Forest Carbon Partnership Facility’s projects delivered through UNDP.

Alexis Arthur

Programme Officer, Governor's Climate & Forest Task Force

Alexis has over 10 years’ experience working for think tanks and NGOs in Latin America, the United States and UK, on energy policy, economic and social policy, and international development. When not working on climate & forests, Alexis can be found hiking and biking in the French Alps.

Elspeth Halverson

Programme and Partnership Management Advisor

Elspeth brings over a decade of experience launching and implementing innovative projects to conserve biodiversity, protect forest ecosystems, and combat climate change. Her expertise is in growing partnerships with community-based organizations and civil society.

Celina (Kin Yii) Yong

Regional Technical Advisor and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist, Asia and the Pacific

Celina brings over 20 years of experience in forest and timber industries, forest certification and timber legality schemes, community forestry, mediation, grievance redress, indigenous peoples, participatory facilitation and project management to the team. She is leading the team in Asia-Pacific.

Tessa Bertrand

Regional Technical Specialist, Africa

Tessa brings over 10 years of experience with various international organizations in the USA and Africa, working on issues, such as markets and non-markets climate finance, technology transfer for climate change adaptation, deforestation-free commodity production, natural resources policy and governance.

Marco Chiu

Regional Technical Advisor, Latin America and the Caribbean

Jose Arturo Santos

Regional Technical Advisor and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist, Latin America and the Caribbean

Simone Bauch

Regional Technical Advisor, Latin America and the Caribbean

Simone is an PhD in environmental economics with 20 years of international work experience on climate change, biodiversity, land use, and sustainability. She joined the team in 2020 working in advising projects and countries on forest conservation and restoration practices and policies. She lives in an ecovillage in the middle of the Brazilian Cerrado where she grows veggies and windsurfs on the lake.

Osvaldo Quintanilla Loayza

Regional Technical Advisor

Osvaldo has over ten years of experience implementing forest programs and climate change policies. Before joining UNDP, he worked in Latin America developing diverse REDD+ components with regional and national governments (South-South Cooperation), IPLC, and the private sector. Also, he has been a governmental counterpart in initiatives such as FCPF, UN-REDD, COSUDE (Switzerland Agency), the GEF, and the GCF.

Noelia Jover

Technical Specialist, Latin America and the Caribbean

Noelia is an enthusiastic climate change professional with an MSc in Climate Change and International Development by the University of East Anglia and more than 14 years of work experience in Latin America.

Madeline Craig

Programme Specialist, NYDF Global Platform

Maddie is a sustainable development specialist with a focus on conservation, environmental sustainability, and climate change research and policy.

Elizabeth Eggerts

Gender Specialist

Beth brings over 10 years of gender and climate-forest experience to the team and provides support on mainstreaming gender and women’s empowerment principles within all of its policy and operational activities. She loves spending time with her family biking and hiking through the woods around her house.

Dina Hajj

Programme Associate

Dina has over 25 years of experience in administration and operations. She is in charge of the financial and operational management of the Climate and Forests Programme’s portfolio. She feels most at home in nature hiking or biking, discovering new trails and Mother Nature’s wonders.

Laura Acuna

Programme Associate, Latin America and the Caribbean

Laura has over 15 years of experience in the financial and administrative area, she combined work with the private sector and with multilateral entities. She provides administrative, budget, management, travel and logistical support to the Panama-based UNDP Climate and Forests team.

Stefano Certosino

Administrative Associate

Stefano has five years of work experience in procurement, project management and general administration. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a master’s degree in International Relations. Stefano speaks English, French and Italian. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, swimming, cooking and visiting museums and art exhibitions.

Komson Jeaburaheng

Administrative Assistant

Bojan Auhagen

Technical Specialist

Bojan brings ten years of experience in climate and forest policies in Asia and Latin America. He joined the team in 2020 and provides technical and policy advisory services to national and subnational counterparts in the design and implementation of policies and programmes.

Mariana Debbe

Senior Analyst

Mariana recently joined the Climate & Forests Programme in 2021 to support its work with the New York Declaration on Forests (NYDF). She brings over six years of experience in project management, communications, grassroots relational organizing, and community engagement. Having grown up by the beach, she feels most at peace when reading by the shore.

Simone Santos

Information Management Specialist

Simone brings over 9 years of sustainability consulting and carbon accounting integrated with information management experience to the team and technically supports the Climate & Forests team in the development of PLANT, the Paris Agreement LULUCF Assessment & NDC Tool.

Roxana Isabel Auhagen

Communications Specialist & Multimedia Storytelling

Roxana is a political ecologist with 12 years of experience working with international media outlets, government agencies, and NGOs in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. She has previously worked both as advisor on climate and conservation policy and as multimedia journalist and foreign correspondent for German and French media. As Communications Specialist for UNDP C&F, she is passionate about highlighting climate action through multimedia storytelling.

Sila Alici Kavuk

Creative Communications & Social Media Analyst

Sila brings over 7 years of experience in exploring and inciting social change through non-fiction storytelling. Her expertise is to bring engaging content to life- from videos and podcasts, to interactive graphics and other types of digital content that supports internal and external corporate comms plans. She manages the production process of content initiatives from conception to completion, and specializes in social media advocacy campaigns for the Climate and Forests team.