The End of Business As Usual: Mainstreaming Gender in Jurisdictional REDD+ Approaches

With implementation and management support provided from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), 35 GCFTF states and provinces received funding between 2018 – 2020 under the first funding round. By the time this funding drew to a close, 19 states and provinces had made progress towards developing a new REDD+ strategy or framework, while a further 12 made important improvements to existing policies. In addition, 12 GCFTF members developed a costed, time-bound investment plan to finance their REDD+ actions. Many jurisdictions also made important steps in creating jurisdictional REDD+ systems, such as drafting new REDD+ and climate laws and regulations, reviving stakeholder forums, and developing safeguards frameworks.

Acknowledging these gaps and the critical linkage between gender equality and sustainable and effective REDD+ action, a gender approach was fully integrated into the requirements to access and implement funding under the GCFTF grant. In this process, jurisdictions were also supported by UNDP to effectively integrate a gender perspective and promote women’s empowerment within their forest-based climate initiatives.

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