The Climate and Forests Team is a global team within the Environment and Natural Capital cluster of the Global Policy Network, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support (BPPS). The team aims to address the interrelated climate and deforestation crises. Distributed across global and regional headquarters in Geneva, New York, Bangkok, Nairobi and Panama – UNDP Climate & Forests assists developing countries and subnational jurisdictions to design, adopt, finance, implement and monitor policies and partnerships to reduce deforestation, to conserve and restore forests, and to integrate forests in sustainable development pathways.
UNDP Climate & Forests manages a portfolio of national and jurisdictional projects and provides international technical assistance to different countries and stakeholders, following three foundational approaches
  1. Alignment to the UNFCCC agreements,
  2. Enhancing NDCs, 
  3. Ensuring social inclusion, notably through mainstreaming gender equality and promoting the rights of indigenous peoples and forest communities.
UNDP Climate & Forests objectives are:
  • To support forest countries develop policies and instruments for sustainability in the land, forest & climate interface, in line with UNFCCC requirements and safeguards and to advance the Paris Agreement (notably articles 5 and 6).
  • To support countries access, combine, implement and monitor finance for their REDD+ actions and results, including international, market and private-sector sources.
  • To promote partnerships and disseminate knowledge to better advance the forest solutions to the climate crisis.
The Team is currently active in the three major tropical forest areas (Amazonia, Congo and Southeast Asia) and in about 20 countries.
The work is conducted through diverse partnerships and funding sources: