UNDP Climate & Forests and the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) have partnered to deliver the Global Italian initiative on REDD+ National Implementation (GIORNI). GIORNI enables UNDP and Italy to work together in areas of climate change, forestry and forest-related sectors such as agriculture and energy, with the goal of enhancing, strengthening and accelerating sustainable forest management, REDD+ implementation and REDD+ results, particularly in the context of the Green Climate Fund (GCF).  
The five strategic objectives of GIORNI are to:
•  Foster close collaboration to support developing countries interested in engaging in REDD+ under the UNFCCC, in enhancing capacities for the implementation of REDD+ and related safeguards, in addressing the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation, in creating and enhancing institutional capacity in the forestry, environment sector and green growth based on technical cooperation, training, research / knowledge and technological support and transfer;  
•  Support countries to submit REDD+ projects and programmes to the GCF, as well as their implementation, through the provision of skills, expert knowledge transfer, best practices, political support and international recognition for efforts made and results achieved; 
Support a comprehensive response towards the New York Declaration on Forests thanks to technical, private sector and political exchanges on the multiple aspects of the architecture;
Support countries in coordinating the negotiations and implementation of public-private partnerships and agreements with international corporations involved in commodities supply chains and forest-related sectors; and
Support countries in showcasing their work and progress in international meetings (such as the UNFCCC) and high-level political meetings, as well as through facilitating technical workshops and south-south exchanges.
Ecuador, Ghana and Myanmar are the first countries to receive support through GIORNI, including for the development and submission of GCF REDD+ proposals. Taking note of important strategic needs and opportunities identified by IMELS, a global overarching work plan is also being implemented to deliver increased awareness within the supported countries, Italian research institutions, universities, NGOs and private sector on REDD+, with an emphasis on the private-sector demand-side of commodity production.
IMELS is providing further support to UNDP Climate & Forests to expand the number of countries in GIORNI.
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