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A conversation with African Women Leaders
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When the drivers of deforestation are buried deep in the supply chain, innovative and collaborative solutions are required.
UNDP & Lavazza

Guest author: Jennifer Baumwoll, Global Climate Change Advisor, UNDP Climate Strategies and Policy

How UNDP is disrupting traditional development assistance to deliver rapidly at scale
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As custodians of natural resources and archivists of scientific and traditional knowledge, Indigenous women play an essential role in preserving forests and natural ecosystems.

Malaysian artist Shaq Koyok reflects on the challenges affecting his community and the Indigenous population in his country.

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EDD+ implementation in Myanmar is supporting local communities in sustainably managing, restoring and conserving this extraordinary ecosystem

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Women leading the way for sustainable cattle ranching in Ecuador

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23 June 2022, Amsterdam: A part of the Ecuadorian Amazon traveled to Amsterdam and Milan. From June 23 to 25, representatives of the producing sector, authorities and specialized technicians will visit the "Chocao" and "World of Coffee" trade shows.

High-integrity in carbon markets must ensure the application of robust environmental and social safeguards and respect the rights of Indigenous peoples and local communities.  
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