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Cambodia has set a clear trajectory for its climate action.
The report, conducted by an Asian regional Indigenous Peoples’ network, shows lack of security for traditional and customary land tenure was notable across the Asia region, with some important exceptions.
Indigenous Person from Thailand

Confronting the climate crisis with agroforestry in Costa Rica.

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This analytical work sets a baseline against which progress can be measured and encourages national participatory dialogues to enhance the inclusiveness of NDCs as they are further developed and implemented.
IPs and NDCs

Young Kenyan entrepreneurs are tackling deforestation through innovation.

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Demonstrating the potential of forests for NDC enhancement and implementation
The funding will be used to support up to 8 countries to increase ambition and accelerate implementation of their forests, land and nature targets under the Paris Agreement.
Acknowledging the crucial role women and men play in the success and effectiveness of REDD+, Chile has taken large strides over the years to ensure a gender perspective is fully integrated into REDD+ actions, both in policy and practice.
International Women’s Day is a moment to reflect on how gender-responsive approaches can bridge the gap between the promise and shortfalls of climate mitigation, particularly in reducing emissions from agriculture, forests and land use, which is critical for many tropical countries to achieve their Paris Agreement goals.  
The full and effective participation of Indigenous People and local communities is essential to the effectiveness of forest governance and forest-based climate solutions.
Recognizing IPs